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It's time to celebrate MOM!

"Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a Mother" -Unknown

When it comes to celebrating Mother's Day, flowers are the best option, since they are a symbol of gratitude, love and brighten up any room, that's why we have designed two inspirational dinner tables to celebrate Mom.

Our first table was inspired by all the fun moms, who enjoy color in their everyday and who put a smile on our face in every moment.

If you want to recreat this table, you can start by mixing different varieties like Orange and Yellow Spray Roses & Blue Hydrangeas -all of them should be very colorful- you can also add Foliages that complement the colors of you main flowers. Try to use dishes in light tones so that the flowers are the ones to stand out.

The second dinner table we designed was inspired by a calm, classic and kind mom, that's why we used light and delicate colors. Our Hydrangea Mini Kiwi & Hydrangea Blue Designer were the focal point of attention and were complemented by our Spray Rose White and Rose Light Pink.

Make sure to create a special moment for your Mom that fits best with her personality, and make her feel as important and loved as she is.

If you want to know our complete Mother's Day Collection click here

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