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Our Hydrangeas are carefully selected from the finest seeds in our harvest, improved year after year, property of Valley Springs LLC farms. They come in a spectacular array of colors which accurately denote the desired sentiment. The designer series is one of our highest rated blossoms. It comes in a variety of natural or tinted colors perfect for any occasion. With our designer hydrangeas you are sure to jolt everyone’s eye. If you are looking for something a little more exclusive try our line of novelty items, which include Green Gardens, Shamrock Hydrangea, Purple, Shocking Blue, Jumbo White or Antique Green Hydrangeas, Natural, attractive, simply beautiful.


The finest quality blooms, plus different sizes, colors and packaging options are what best characterize the Valley Springs brand. Long, straight stems and soft open petals  complement the clean floral structure of each one of our hydrangeas. Different grading scales provide our customers with a broad spectrum of product to choose from.


Topping the charts we also have our select grade hydrangeas, very popular for their strong stems and durable vase life, a perfect companion for the mini greens. If you’re into floral design, wedding and event planning or simply looking for some stunning flowers to meet your decorative needs Valley Springs is delighted to meet all your fresh cut flower needs.

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