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  • Seed propagation

  • Planting

  • Production

  • Logistics in Colombia

  • Cold chain management from Colombia

  • Refrigerated trucks

  • Cooler in Miami with fresh Stock for last minute orders.

  • Transparency in all aspects of the supply chain, from farm to consumer.

  • Our industry knowledge, category management and an experienced team is constantly focused on providing solutions in an effective and diligent manner.

  • The highest level of flexibility for product specifications and packaging to meet our customers’ unique needs. Together we can design the program which fits your company and will guarantee it’s fulfillment.

  • Deliveries to its customer's freight line on schedule.

  • A variety of distribution channels:

    • Place orders on the phone

    • Via E-mail

    • Instant message

    • View our real time inventory to place last minute orders online with our easy to use e-commerce tool.

  • We have 21 farms located throughout the region, each with shade protection. This allows us to diversify the risks of losing crops to climate changes like hail storms or heat waves.

  • Valley Springs has a total of 150 Hectares dedicated to Hydrangeas which makes us one of one of the largest producers of hydrangeas in Colombia.

Following the highest industry standards, The Valley Springs LLC has personalized customer service combined with the finest quality flowers available in the market. Always innovating, the professionals at The Valley Springs are ready to deliver. Flourishing smiles and creating alliances which last a lifetime.


Valley Springs Farms is certified by the Rainforest Alliance to ensure the environment's protection. This guarantees the environments sustainability, proper crop care, the correct use of water resources and a responsible human resource management system.


Our hydration process for cut flowers is certified by Chrysal, this guarantees a longer vase life for all our products.

Valley Springs LLC is a 100% vertically integrated company, which means that by ordering with us you get:

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