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Flourishing smiles

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Minitas is a small school located in an area called Mesopotamia, within Valley Springs’ new farm. They currently have 13 students in two classrooms, 7 of whom are children of our employees.

Minitas children

This small school has many needs and does not receive help from the government, which is why the Valley Springs directives decided to provide financial support, to help them improve the school’s conditions and the quality of life of the children. Part of the commitment to the community and corporate social responsibility that are pillars of the values with which the company was created.

This project is called Flourishing smiles and seeks to improve the quality of life of students in the school environment, prioritizing unsatisfied basic needs in terms of adequate infrastructure, balanced diet, professional support and clothing.

The activities that have been carried out so far are the adaptation of the roof of the facilities; delivery of clothing such as socks and personal hygiene and grooming implements, in addition to food donations that help children to have a balanced and nutritious diet.

Other activities that are part of this project are the implementation and adaptation of a garden and the scheduling of visits by professionals in psychology and psychotherapy to support educational processes for parents.

This project, for now, has a duration of one year in which we hope to improve the conditions of children, the community and thus strengthen our human and corporate values.


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