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Thank you for been here over the past 11 years...

Today we want to thank our employees, customers & friends for believing in us during the past years. The journey has been full with joy, achievements & learnings and we are happy to be sharing this dream with you and the whole world.

This video is our way of celebrating the work we do every day to fill the world with color & beauty.



In a valley where the whole year seems like spring, where the greens of nature sprout on every hillside, here flourishes a dream called The Valley Springs.

A dream full of respect for nature, where people flourish an honest smile, a deep desire to inspire and fill the world with color and beauty reside. Where flowers depart to inspire the world; this is the origin to many destinations.

The Valley Springs, a place where we share our dreams, values and joys with everyone, encouraging others to express their everyday emotions through our flowers.

The Valley Springs Team


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