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Do you know how to set your diner table for Easter?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Live simply, Bloom wildly.

If you are looking for natural & airbrushed Easter Flowers and decorations, continue reading this article. We have designed two beautiful, fun and stylish diner tables to inspire you for this special occasion.

Our first diner table was inspired by the Composted palette trend from PANTONE According to the Color Institute, "this trend creates soft harmonies that support both contemporary and casual styling. These pastel colors go from generation to generation and beyond (past and upcoming) trends."

If you want to recreate this table, you can start by mixing different Airbrushed Hydrangeas, like Light Yellow, Baby Blue, Pale Pink and more beautiful combinations, you can also mix them with natural flowers and foliages of you preference. It is important you think about the type of food you will serve, the decoration should stand out but not be uncomfortable for people at mealtime. Put cookies, macaroons, cupcakes and Easter eggs on the table to create synchrony in table decoration.

We also designed a clean and elegant diner table. With these floral designs we wanted to represent abundance and purity, which are characteristics of the White Hydrangea and Easter time.

For this diner table we used different foliages to give volume, we placed bunny sculptures, macaroons, cookies and White Spray Roses, but keeping in mind White Hydrangea as the main focus and charm.

If you want to know our complete Easter Collection click here

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